Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The school tour has begun! NHTP! Dreaming Again!

Yesterday was our first high school show and it was pretty rad if I say so myself :) It was in Langdon, NH and today we drove to Jaffrey, NH bright and early this morning for a show at 10:00 and another show at 1pm.  We performed both shows in Jaffrey in a gym-auditorium space-first for the ENTIRE high school, then in the afternoon for grades 6,7 & 8.

Back at the lodge now..chillin....
Check in later this wk to see where my next adventure takes me :)
peace & amor,

First school we performed for 9/23 

Was a long day...I was so over driving by the time we were headed home lol 

Peter! Musician extraordinaire! Loading up the truck after show #2

Cynthia! Lovely singer and flute player and she's gorgeous! #triplethreat 

School #2 9/24

Theo! (and all our stuff in the trailer lol) Awesome drum player, singer and the list goes on! 

So wiped by the time we got back that all I could do was take a picture of this beautiful tree by the lodge lol 

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