Monday, September 23, 2013

"Dreaming Again" in New Hampshire

I'm currently touring in New Hampshire with the New Hampshire Theatre Project for a show titled "Dreaming Again".
We just did our first show yesterday at the Mariposa museum in Petersborough (which was great). Then, we drove to Stoddard via some questionable roads that could use some lovin for sure (with the trailer...) and settled into our lodging for the next few days. It's a cute little cabin with no cell phone service and very little wifi. ...Well the guys have wifi in their house and I'm actually writing this from the porch outside. It's kinda blissful and stuff :D
Now we're off to Langdon to perform at a high school there. I'm psyched and a little nervous. Teenagers can be a tough (and sometimes exciting) crowd.

Here's the lodge where we are staying for the next few days!
Right by the lake... #bliss

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