Wednesday, August 19, 2015


It's so nice to be appreciated for the hard work that you do.
Being an artist is hard enough. Trying to make a living is hard enough. Being a woman of color is hard enough.
But, when people see your work and say I see you- I see that you put time, effort, talent and vision into what you love to do.
When people see that a young woman has an idea, develops her craft, gathers like-minded people together and creates the work that she would like to see- with no apologies...
In a world built on white supremacy, white MALE supremacy at that...
In a world where women of color barely get screen time...
In a world where women are told that being beautiful and desireable to men is more important than pretty much everything else.
In a world where women are constantly told to apologize for their feelings, for their sexuality, for being bold, for being themselves...
In a world that tells women that they are not funny, that they are not meant to be writers or anything other than wives and mothers or sexual objects
I appreciate that you can appreciate women that move boldly through this world
With no apologies for who they are, for their dreams, for who they will become
I appreciate it if you can look beyond the surface of things
I appreciate your support for my creative work
Appreciation. Not validation.
Whether you like the work or not is irrelevant
I appreciate women that move boldly
No apologies.