Monday, December 15, 2014

Welcoming 27 years of life and 26 ways this year was awesome

On December 14th I celebrated my 27th birthday! 
Here are 26 ways that the past year has been truly amazing (in no particular order):
  1. My London adventures!
  2. Joining the Actor's Equity Association
  3. Performing with Wheelock Family Theatre in a production of 'Where the Mountain meets the Moon'
  4. Performing for the Black Jew Dialogues Tour 
  5. Being introduced to the SGI Buddhist organization and receiving my Gohonzon in April
  6. I had a lot of jobs lol...and I am grateful for every one of them as they helped me to sustain my lifestyle and the flexibility to do my artistic work
  7. Brixton life ;)
  8. Self love
  9. Self acceptance
  10. The wonderful group of people that I can call friends in the U.S.
  11. My supportive family
  12. Filming two commercials with a major role (not as an extra)
  13. Making a permanent vow to myself to reach farther and never stop dreaming
  14. Connecting with the SGI in London-wonderful, amazing people!
  15. On my birthday, I was lucky and grateful enough to moderate an Sgi discussion meeting. 
  16. Being able to realize how to actively develop my talents and begin to create the career that I really want, rather than just working to make money. This is huge.
  17. Forgiveness 
  18. Forming solid relationships 
  19. Taking responsibility for my happiness. Yes. 
  20. Self confidence
  21. International friends!!
  22. Hosting an event for 2014 International Women's day and developing a new project for IWD for 2015
  23. Shedding unecessary baggage (physically and mentally)
  24. Sharing Buddhism with my friends 
  25. Good health (family and friends included)
  26. Living!! 
I know that it's very important to be grateful. And because my birthday falls at the end of the year, I have the great opportunity to reflect on the wonderful things that have happened this year and to see what can be done for my future. 
It's a lovely thing to do, so when you have the time I encourage you to do it. 

I already know that 27 is gonna be great and I'm happy to share my thoughts, and my life with you. 

Until next time...
In peace, love and gratitude,

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