Monday, December 1, 2014

New Can't Wait Productions project starts today!

Hello friends!

I am happy, proud, elated (and several other happy adjectives) to share the news of my production company, Can't Wait Productions' new project.  The project will have it's major live performance and visual art gallery opening the weekend/week of International Women's Day which is March 8. Until then, I've gathered a small group of artists together to hold discussion groups on various topics involving women's rights, relationships, etc. From those discussions, we will create artwork and present it for the main event.

Basically, I'm asking a bunch of crazy artists to get in a (cyber) room together, share thoughts, and to create!
The discussions will take place on several platforms including our Facebook Page , whatsapp etc.

You're welcome to join in on our craziness at any time: Can't Wait Productions presents: Let's Talk and to check out the Tumblr page that I've created as a reference for the project:

The first discussion is underway and the topic is all about this fantastic video that was sent to me recently. The video is titled 'Fake Deep'. It's wonderful.

So, that's my news for now!
Be well...til next time...
In Peace & Love,

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