Sunday, January 25, 2015

Can't Wait Let's Talk: Art project for International Women's Day

Hi everyone!

How's 2015 treating you so far? I hope everything is going well for you.

I have been working hard on my next project, which is an art exhibition set to open on International Women's Day. So, on March 8th we're going to open the exhibit with visual art-including both photography and paintings, as well as live performance art including poetry.

Until we open the exhibit, we are planning our butts off, and some of that planning includes raising funds to produce the project. So, excuse me while I shamelessly promote our Indiegogo Campaign below:

Let's Talk: International Women's Day art project 

Please check it out, and donate if you can and/or share the project and our Indiegogo Campaign with your network and friends. Your support means the world to me and then some :)

Until next time. Be well.


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