Sunday, July 13, 2014

Embracing Imperfections

I recently came across an article of a model discussing her ability to know how to take the most flattering photos for her body type, facial structure and the kind of work that she will and will not do.

I can always appreciate a woman (or anyone for that matter) that knows what they want and how to properly communicate that to others.  In this modeling/acting industry, it is easy to get tripped up by what others tell you is the norm and how you are SUPPOSED to look, act and feel.  But, in my opinion the people that make their own rules and stick with them are the ones that stick out and shape the successful career that they want.  I applaud this mentality.

This article reminds me of a photo shoot that I had awhile back.  At first, I loved the photos but then I opened one particular photo that I did not like at all.  I looked, did a double take, then looked again with my face all kinds of screwed up. Wait a second! That. Is. Not. My. Face.  I mean...yes that is my face but I look very different.  I asked the photographer what they had done and they said they just retouched it a little by contouring my face just as if a makeup artist had been there. My ego internally screamed "This is bull!" There's nothing wrong with my face! A photo that could have been great is now ruined because you have photo shopped my face into airbrush oblivion. I showed it to several friends and they agreed, "Yeah that's not you". There is an "ideal" look in this country.  We all know it. Fair skin, slim nose, toned body, long luscious locks etc...That looks great! On some people. But I was born with very African features that are pretty much the opposite of that. I appreciate those features. I embrace them and have no desire to cover them up or to plastic surgery my way out of my heritage.

It might take a while for the commercial modeling/acting industry to appreciate everyone's natural beauty...if that ever even happens.  But, I cannot and will not bend or accept that others want to change my look or feel that there is something "wrong" with my natural beauty. I suppose a little retouching is fine...but then again...I don't know. When is enough...enough?

Here's to embracing imperfections and not letting the way that others view you be the way that you judge yourself.  People like what they like but you are who you are. And that's that.

Wishing you peace & self-love today and so on...

Here's the article if you'd like to have a read: Modeling, Vanity and self-awareness

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