Thursday, May 22, 2014

Portraits of Boston

About a month ago...(maybe a bit longer) I was walking back from my dinner break at work. A man stopped me on my way and asked me if he could take my photograph.  He explained that he had a website called Portraits of Boston and takes photos of people that he meets and asked them to tell him about themselves. I can't remember exactly what he asked me...maybe what I do?  Something interesting about myself? But I had to rush back to work so I spilled out something about my project for International Women's Day, he took my photo and that was that.

I emailed him later that week and apologized for not being able to speak to him in further detail. Dang! I wish I had said more so he could really get a sense of what I'm about. So, we rescheduled cuz he didn't like the original photo anyway. Not something he usually does. So, we rescheduled. And I got sick. Then we rescheduled again. OK. Here we go. Down to the good stuff.  We met up after one of my performances at Wheelock and I felt like I nearly poured my heart out to this man that I barely knew! I feel like I went ON and ON! So much so that he had to stop me because it was getting to be TOO MUCH! He was recording the convo and didn't want to have too much to edit.  That was a few weeks ago.

Tuesday I checked my Facebook and my friend tagged me in a post-it was a blurb from my conversation with him.  I'd almost forgotten about it. But, oh boy does he know how to edit! It was short and sweet and apparently the post has spoken to many people that have read it-especially women. And I'm so glad.

This man knows people. He has a great gift and talent of being so open, and kind and approachable.  And he's touching people with his portraits and the stories behind them.  Blessings, indeed.

So, here's the post: Portraits of Boston: Adobuere Ebiama

Check it out!  And check out the rest of the portraits as well.  Let me know your thoughts!

Peace & love,

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