Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lessons I learned before my latest adventure

"A wise man makes his own luck"-Unknown

Well, I'm trying to be a wise woman! Hence, why I'm writing you from Central London, not downtown Boston. Opportunities in my field seemed scarce, boredom and a desire to travel led me here. Still a bit jet lagged but I tried to put some cohesive thoughts together about my prepping for my latest adventure.

A few important things I learned in the months leading up to my trip:

1. Working yourself into the ground is no bueno. 
Money isn't everything and quantity never equals quality. After working odd jobs and catering for the last year, I realized something SO important. I hate working in the restaurant industry. I made a vow to myself a long time ago that I wouldn't wait another table in my life but still early this summer there I was...picking up a stranger's dirty dinner plate. Shame on me for going back on my word to myself and I didn't even make that much money! I had all these dollar signs in my eyes until being too tired to relax before a big move became a daunting reality. A good friend literally had to tell me to stop. So, I did.   I  think that we all have at least a small inclination of what we'd like to do for a living. But, we stop ourselves short because of the comfort with what we know and whatever other restrictions we can apply at that moment. All in all, I probably could have spent my time working somewhere more fundamentally connected to what I'd actually like to do and saving time to spend it with lovely people not angry, impatient customers. Ugh. Dully noted.

2. Planning is everything. 
Whatever is going to happen is going to happen but if you plan well...then there just might be a backup waiting for you that you didn't even know you needed.

3. Stuff. You don't need all that stuff. 
All that junk in your closet. All those clothes you NEVER wear. Those shoes collecting dust, those books you have no intention of ever reading. Why are you holding onto it for dear life??? Cuz it makes you feel better to be surrounded by things...somehow validating your existence on this planet? As if the more you have, the more real you will be. Yeah not true buddy. Recycle it! OR give it to someone who needs it because clearly you don't. Packing is painful but less so if well, you have less junk.  So, what happens when you get a call from a big executive that wants to work with you tomorrow? What are you going to take? Who are you going to say goodbye to? How are you going to sort through what's important when you've got a massive pile of bullshit covering it? All that emotional clutter is a deep waste of space and time. Clear your space. Clear your mind :)

4. The world does not revolve around you. 
I mean duh I already knew this. But, just because you are making a major change in your life, you cannot expect everyone around you to jump on the bandwagon. Accept people for who they are, you cannot change people for your benefit and they will ultimately do whatever the hell they want to do.

And most importantly! Becoming a member of the SGI was the best decision I made this year! Woop woop! #Buddhismallday NMRK 

Wishing you love, peace, happiness and many adventures!

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