Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Corianna's adventure: IMPOSSIBLE QUESTIONS TOUR (If you don't know her, you should)

My friend Corianna is an amazing person. Let me take a moment to clarify what that means because I've found that this word gets thrown around frequently to describe people and things that are quite mediocre. But, Corianna is far from that.

Amazing by my definition: talented, intelligent, simply beautiful, kind, special, a refreshing & delightful presence, professional, adventurous and giving.

YEP. That about sums it up. So, this amazing person is embarking on her own adventure and I'm psyched for her. Her plan is to travel "down the Eastern Seaboard and through the Deep South by bus and by train with the express purpose of talking to people, hearing their stories, recording them, and sharing them.  I am planning my path based on the network of people I know and the people they know and so on and so forth.  My hope is to visit cities and country towns, to talk to old matriarchs and wily teenagers, basically anyone who wants to talk.   I will be curating a website as I go, using video, audio, photos and prose to introduce you to the people I meet and my experiences on the road and to save their stories".   

How AWESOME is that? Very. You should check out her website for deets, connect with her and share the adventure!

It's not every day that you come across someone/something amazing! 


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