Monday, June 24, 2013

Que Rica es la 'Pura Vida'

Me & Tina Do- my Costa Rican partner in crime at the bar at Nogui's Restaurante
We were visiting our friend Kate & this is her AWESOME truck
#sobossy #soCostaRican
Nogui's Restaurante in Playa Tamarindo!!! By far the best bar experience I've ever had :D
The awesome crew of Nogui's -such nice guys :)
Breakfast at Copacabana, Playa Tamarindo, CR

The view from breakfast on the beach in Playa Tamarindo at Copacabana restaurant
Smiling was really my only choice in CR ;)
Watching the sunset on the beach yippee!
Me & the BEAUTY that was Soro-the wonderful horse that I rode on. He was so sweet & riding was a blast!

Our horseback riding instructor was a G-texting while riding! #moderndayhorseback Show off!

Playa Tamarindo

The view from the apartment in Playa Flamingo #blissful

The apartment :D #isthisreallife?

....I've left my heart in a few places-one of them being Costa Rica ...sigh.

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