Tuesday, January 1, 2013

25 Awesome Things from 2012 Part 2

Ok back to the Awesomeness of 2012! If you missed the first part #1-#13 scroll down to the previous blog post to check it out!

I booked a couple Industrial acting gigs that are not my favorite gigs in the world and certainly not what I got into acting to do BUTT they definitely paid some bills in 2012 and for that I am grateful! They'll help me put together a nice little acting reel and update my resume. Cheers to being a working actor!

I am healthy. Nothing more to say :)

15. 2nd Naturalistas Meetup!
I hosted my second event for women with natural hair at the apartment and I gotta say I had so much fun with all these beautiful, local curly girls! We talked, laughed, ate (lots of sweet potato biscuits and quiche mmmm lol) and got to know each other...what can I say! It was wonderful :)

16. Interviews/Articles
CWP got some GREAT publicity for the 2012 Season! I was interviewd by online editorial 'Blast Magazine' (first interview ever! omg!), with Tasia A. Jones for WBUR Radio and with Gabriella Ciambrone for The Dorchester Reporter. Three of my first interviews as an artist all in one year! I could definitely get used to this...

17. August Wilson Monologue Competition
I worked with some students of the high school where I've been teaching theatre on their school's Symposium. We read a couple of August Wilson's WONDERFUL plays from his Century Cycle, picked monologues and worked on them for three and a half weeks. I can honestly say that aside from working on theatre production work for CWP, I have never felt so gratified at the end of a project. The students are talented, fearless and inspiring individuals and as the competition is still underway I am truly excited to see how much more they will develop as young adults.

18. Concerts & more!
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Mos Def, Collie Buddz. Nuff said.

19. Business school
I need that degree! Crossing my fingers to start in a couple wks! I'll keep you posted :)

These next 6 are going to be devoted to my Goals of which I definitely have more than 6 but I'll keep it short for now:
20. Driver's License (Feburary)
21. Join a new modeling agency
22. Finish all unfinished projects ..because my mind is a cluster*uck sometimes and I start multiple projects simultaneously
23. Relax More!
24. Travel the world ...Africa, Europe, South America-The whole nine!
25. Continue being fabulous! ;)

Cheers! And oh, Happy New Year!

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