Tuesday, January 1, 2013

25 Awesome things from 2012 Part 1

I turned 25 on December 14, 2012 and I really feel like this quarter Century life is gonna do me well. So to celebrate another year of living and a little reflection on 2012 I wrote out (in no particular order) 25 Awesome things that happened before year's end.

BTW, I took a quick note from two of my favorite bloggers that also happen to be Naturalistas: Nikisha of Urban Bush Babes and Chescaleigh. Nikisha posted 30 Things she learned on her way to 30! and Chescaleigh (The hilarious creator of the video "Shit White Girls Say") made a Youtube Video 29 Things to celebrate her Golden Birthday which is when you turn the same age as your birthdate.


I cannot adequately express how happy I was to have FINALLY attended my family's reunion! I took time off from work and flew down to Texas and it was such a nice couple of days! I grew up in Boston with my immediate family and don't see the extended fam often enough. So it was really a treat! Got to see where my mom went to school, up the road where she grew up, hung out with my cousins caught up with fam and drove through the country!! Good times :)

2.Can't Wait Productions!
Everything CWP related was awesome this year. We had two great shows in the Spring & Summer and I learned A LOT! Details in #'s 3, 4 & 5

3. The Inside By Lydia Diamond Adapted by Tasia A. Jones
Stage Managing The Inside was such a great learning experience for me. Hadn't stage managed since high school so it was nice to see what I remembered and what new things there were to learn! Not to mention working with Tasia again and Corianna Moffatt for the first time was a blessing. If you ever get a chance to meet & work with these women you will understand what I mean! The whole damn production team were bunch of rockstars.

4. Show Up by Paloma Valenzuela
Ummm I'm going to TRY to keep this as short as possible and not too crunchy...I said TRY. Directing Show Up was an unforgettable experience. Meeting all these new, wonderful actors and building bonds and friendships was awesome! Directing definitely gave me the courage to do it again although I had serious doubts about doing it in the first place. We all overcome some tough obstacles and I know that I came out of it with more knowledge about the field that I love. I CAN'T WAIT to direct again!

5. The Da Vinci Commission by MJ Halberstadt
When I think about this next show for CWP's 2013 Season I get so giddy, it's ridiculous. I had no idea how to even find new plays/playwrights for our next couple of shows because for 2012 I knew all of the playwrights personally. So, I threw out an ad for plays on a whim and after reading a couple that I sorta kinda liked and didn't really like at all I got an email from MJ Halberstadt that literally made my day! Before I could even finish the play I knew that "The Da Vinci Commission" would be our first show of the 2013 Season. I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET STARTED!

6. Booked my first modeling gig with my agency! Hopefully there will be many more to come in 2013!

Not working outside in the cold anymore on some weak shit. Nuff said.

8. Independence
Remembered to enjoy my solitude and to take care of myself first. CHEERS to that!

9. Reacquainted with an old buddy

10. The 2nd Annual One- Minute Boston Play Festival
Couple awesome things about this one gig that I booked right before Year's end!
A. I'll be working with Corianna Moffatt again!
B. Networking with a huge ensemble of Boston actors, playwrights and directors
C. Starting off the New Year on stage January 5! More info here

11. My Apartment!
I feel so damn blessed everytime I walk into my apartment. I am SO grateful and lucky to have been able to stay another year anddd a little crazy to be doing it solo dolo but *uck it YOLO? lol .....#sorrynotsorry ;)

12. "Teaching is a gift"
Starting Can't Wait Productions has led me through some great journeys in the last couple of years and we're still so new! One of those journeys has been a high school theatre teaching job. Who knew you could learn so much from a group of teenagers? I didn't. But the fact of the matter is that I don't have a degree in Education but I've been lucky enough to connect with someone that believed in my ability to teach theatre. This was not in my plans at all. But I learned that sometimes the path that you think you're taking is not the one that you're on but if you keep moving forward you will end up in a nice little spot. I'm good with that :)

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