Sunday, August 14, 2011

Type? Cast?

A monologue that I'm working on right now touches on a lot of deep issues that black women face everyday like skin color and hair etc... And of course to some level I can relate. But for some reason I'm having a bit of trouble connecting to the piece emotionally. Something just hasn't been feeling right. Maybe I'm afraid of what I might find if I look deep enough? Maybe I'm afraid that the words of this monologue might offend? Idk...

I definitely appreciate people of color for producing these shows & hopefully the piece will ring true for someone who really needs to hear it. But all I can think about sometimes is if "The For Colored Girl" choreopem is the only work that I'll ever get? Will I have to play the black wife in a "Fences" type play for the rest of my career? OR can I just be cast in a play as a wife in a play-ANY play(if I'm good enough & fit the the role of course). Is it inevitable for me to be in a historical movie about slaves & the Middle Passage or as a maid in a Civil-Rights era film (where the lady of the house & the help form such a strong bond that the people of the town miraculously come together & forget about all the issues of race, color & class?...yeah...right) Or am I just tripping? Should I just shut up & be grateful that black actors are even getting work at all? Some people would say so.
What I really wanna know is when I can stop asking these questions....??????

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