Friday, May 7, 2010

What's my Adventure?

Hello ladies and germs! What it is? What it do?! My name is Adobuere and I am so fresh and so new to Twitter. I've created a Profile & this blog especially for people (friends & professionals) to track my adventure....What adventure? Well, I'm very glad you asked!

My adventure seems to have begun a few years ago. I left New York City from College and returned to my hometown in Boston, Massachusettes. I was 19 at the time. Since I've been back here I've been moving from apartment to apartment all over this city...I've had enough retail & customer service jobs to fill a COUPLE of resumes. It has taken me almost four years to really get it together but I'm ready now to begin something amazing.

I am an actress. I am an artist. I just love to perform. I'm ready right now to seriously being my very own pursuit of happiness. I'm going to audition. I'm going to train. I'm gonna dance & sing and act my heart out. But I gotta make the right connections. I gotta find my way around in this business. Most importantly- I gotta get back to New York!! I love that City so much! So for the next few months until September, I'll be on my grind trying to find ways to get back there. I'm looking for apartments left and right. I'm researching agencies, photographers, training schools, jobs etc etc. The city awaits me! But I could sure use some support! I'm a tough girl but even the strongest feel weak follow me on here...hit me me some love and I'll be sure to return it. I know I'm going to make it. It will take time but I'm ready!

I'm aiming for the sky! I hope I see you there! ;)


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