Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Mission

Good morning damas y caballeros! This is my second blog to date and I'm just glad you're even tuning in with me right now. Much thanks :).

I'm starting a week full of work & organizing. This weekend I was in N.Y. with the one & only Gabriella...went to the MET Opera saw Tosca..hung out with Lisa for a bit & partied at the Hudson Terrace...good times...good times... back in Boston prepared for the next step. While I was in N.Y. I picked up a very valuable piece of literature "BACKSTAGE". O Backstage you make my life so much more manageable. Lucky for me this edition is the "How-To" edition that I so desperately need. It details how to market yourself, social networks, being safe at auditions, choosing the right headshots/monologues etc. I may feel old a lot of the time but I'm only 22 and I've only been in one professional show to date. So I really still have no idea what I'm doing. Every day I'm learning and I'm so glad. My street smarts can only take me so far. Now that I've got that...I think it's time to develop some great marketing skills and figure out how to do this right! I'm really not trying to half-ass it because I every day I feel these great bursts of energy waiting to explode in my body. I need them to explode somewhere useful. The stage perhaps? I need to be surrounded by lights....camera....action....yea I said it lol. But first, I gotta book the audition. Then I gotta grand slam that joint!

First Mission: What's My Look? Am I the next Jada Pinkett? Angela Bassett? Maybe a little Halle or Kerry Washington (LOVE her btw)

I'm going to spend the next few weeks...months...how ever long it takes developing my look. I've been saying that I need to do this for awhile. It's time to get to it. All action no mas hablar...

Tune in later to see what I've come up with.


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