Friday, February 21, 2014

Boston Celebrates International Women's Day

Hello Blogger friends!

International Women's Day is Saturday, March 8th! Didn't know there was an international day for us? Well,  until recently neither did I. So, my friend Sara and I will be hosting a networking event on this day to celebrate the wonderful women of Boston.

Here's the Facebook event: Boston Celebrates International Women's Day and some more info below:

THIS meetup is for the women of Boston to express women's solidarity on this global day of recognition and celebration. 

Let's promote 
*positive self-esteem

Let's share our

by networking with like-minded women from all over the city.

So this day is to celebrate YOU and all of the amazing things that you do! We are mothers, daughters, friends, lovers, wives....we do a lot and more often than not WE DO IT WELL!

Perks include complimentary massages, Jacuzzi time (so brings your suits!), music, networking and signature cocktails!

We encourage you to bring your networking gear including business cards, event flyers and postcards for upcoming events, and any other material that you'd like to share with us regarding your business.

More details coming soon!

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