Sunday, August 19, 2012

Are You REALLY ready?

You've been training since you were a wee lad...DANCE classes, VOICE lessons, ACTING coaching, tips on style and the right foods to eat to stay fit and trim and how often to CLEANSE so that your skin stays oh so fresh and so clean.

BUT are you REALLY ready to be a STAR?

You have the skills and the talent and even the look but there's so much more to consider.

I recently read an article on OMG Yahoo (yep, no shame in this game) where Justin Beiber was talking about seeing someone pop out of a trash can in the morning after sleeping there overnight just to spy on him. And what about that car chase he was in with the paps on the highway recently? And we'll never forget about Lady Di of course.

Let's look at Rob Pat and K-Stew. Rob Pat has a movie coming out that he'd probably like to promote in a normal movie-star way but all anyone can think about is the fact that he was cheated on by his superstar girlfriend. People have been imagining him crying incessantly into a bottle of vodka since the news broke but what if he's really OK and just doesn't feel like talking about it. Or what if he isn't OK and STILL just doesn't want to talk about it. When you become a superstar you do these interviews and because people love you in the MOVIES (sometimes people forget that there is a very serious distinction between movies and REAL life) fans feel entitled to your personal BI. Personally, I don't tell friends of friends my personal inside scoops. Let alone some fans (that all though you appreciate because they are the reason that you have a standing career) that I have NEVER met, EVER.

I mean jeez you can't even cheat in privacy once you are a star! OK, I’m not condoning cheating but I think you catch my drift. If you ever gain mega stardom, you will not be able to comfortably do (at least) this small list of simple things anymore:

1. Grocery shop without an audience or at least a PAP or two lurking in aisle 3
2. Go to the movies (Granted, you might just be invited to the premieres but I LOVE going to the movies with my boo and experiencing a film with the rest of the fans opening weekend)
3. Eat at your favorite local spot
4. Avoid scandal and lies in tabloid mags (not just about you but your family, friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse etc...)
5. Gain or lose a few lbs. here or there without being accused of being pregnant, depressed, or suffering from some eating disorder
6. Speak your mind freely regarding political/social issues that matter to you w/out backlash

Another big one for me is the pressure that might come after you get your first big taste of stardom. People might love you one minute and hate you the next. They'll say that you are the IT girl...yeah...for now. But next Fall it might be someone else. Are you prepared for the pressure of topping your last project and staying relevant in people's minds without sacrificing your own sanity and self-respect?

Are you confident enough to hold your own in a room full of stars, to smile when the camera says so and to bite your tongue when the publicist says no to that Twitter post? OR will you crack under pressure and be a one-hit wonder?

Just think about it...
Maybe you haven't MADE it yet because it's just not your time and you still have some stamina to build up.

It takes more than a triple threat these days to get to where you'd like to be so don't be fooled by the glitz my friend. You gotta be mentally prepared as well.

Think about it.

Part 2 coming soon...

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