Sunday, January 2, 2011


I finished my last shift selling merchandise for the tour of The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre yesterday and my internship which means that I have all this time on my hands! I have decided to completely devote my time to developing my craft, auditions and training. That's what I came here for anyway! I can't waste time doing this 9-5 stuff anymore. I have some savings and I'm confident that it will get me through. It might sound crazy but I have faith that a great gig is coming my way if I work at it. I didn't move to this city to sell t-shirts. I did enough of that in Boston.

I'll be rehearsing in Boston a few weekends this month for Savage/Love by Sam Shepard a show produced by Continuity Dance & Theatre Company set to go up in Febuary in Cambridge, MA. While I'm in NY, I will be attending several seminars, dance classes, auditions and sending my info to agencies! Welcome 2011! It's about to be on!

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