Sunday, November 21, 2010

The weekend part 1

Hey! How was everyone's wknd? Good I hope. Let me update u real quick on what I was up to.
Friday after work I went to the gym with Lisa and honestly I thought I'd be a lot more sore right now but I'm enough. I've kept myself quite healthy this wknd sans fast food

Yesterday (Saturday) I met up with a photographer from MassART. She came down from Boston to do the shoot. She is a film major doing a really cool Senior Thesis Film where the particiants react to paint being poured on them for a few minutes. I know it sounds strange but with a combo of great editing, graphics, good acting, and the effect of the paint itself as seen on film with different colors- makes for something cool, experimental and artistic.

I never met the artist before but she ended up being real cool and I trusted our connect not to lead me to some psycho's house. I ended up in Queens for the second weekend in a row- it was a different section of Queens than last wknd and I gota say I like the area, its relatively close to Manhattan and the apartment was cute. Anyway, I got there and was sitting on a stool in a shower covered by plastic to avoid wall damage- and then here comes the paint- my first reaction was panic but I stayed calm. I had to fight the urge to get up because for a second I couldn't breathe cuz the paint got up my nose and like a fool I left my mouth open and take a wild guess.... I got paint in my mouth! AND I couldn't open my eyes cuz it stung like hell. But it was worth it bc I met two cool artists and got a chance to expand my modeling portfolio by taking some new, creative pics. Let's see how many other models don't mind getting paint poured on them....

P.S. I am NOT naked in the photo that I've posted a link for below- just to clarify! I know how it looks.
Check out one of the still photos here:
The Visual Artist Name is Claudia F. Quigua
Her website is

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