Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What a great day! :)

Today was an incredibly exciting day for lots of fun reasons!

9am I get to work and start off a lovely day of Intern fun at Roy Arias. There were two new workstudies and I had a lot of fun meeting them and helping them get to know the computer systems amoung other things (I've always enjoye training others. It helps me to devlop my leadership skills).
Around 10 am I had to run over to our 37th street location to let a few folks into the studio. They hadn't been waiting long but I dashed over (literally!) from the 43rd office. Thankfully they were nice and didn't mind waiting. When I got there we took the stairs up 5 flights. I kept forgetting o you have to sign this or oh I need your ID...SO I went up and down the 5 flights until I remembered that I had the elevator key...(sometimes I...dont know lol) But it was cool cuz everyone was patient and it all turned out well in the end.

The afternoon was steady- work at Arias til 1pm- burgers for lunch (yum yum) then I wandered about Midtown. My original plan this evening was to go to "HORTON" class at 7 pm the Alvin Ailey Dance Studios. It would be my first class there ever! I was excited and also quite nervous...because I mean have you seen those dancers...and I understood that there are open classes for all levels, ages etc...bus just to be in the same building with them...makes me quiver...just a little...

Got to the studio at about 4:15 pm and realized "Damn, I can't wait around here for 2 and a half hours so instead I signed up for "AFRO-CUBAN" at 6 pm. So that would be only an hour waiting then I could head over to class early, change, dance, and be on my way home at a reasonable hour. I was walking over to Duane Reade to pick up the "essentials" ( you know toiletries and such...) when a cafe at the corner caught my eye. So I thought "Hey, I'll grab my stuff and chill over there til class.

So I get to the cafe and sit down by the window...There's a guy at the table next to e. Pretty normal looking guy...he's got a briefcase, a polo, a baseball hat...ten minutes or so passes and the kid at the counter asks this guy sitting next to me "You ok?" He must have looked very tired just sitting there with two empty espresso cups on his table. The man replied with something like "I've been up since 4am....blah blah blah...I'm a producer for Law and Order....blah blah blah..WAIT HMMMM?

I just SO HAPPENED to plop my butt down right next to one of the producers of a major television show?! NO? Really? And I know every actor you ever meet will say "Everyone's been on that show so what?" But hey one thing can lead to another..and another...and another...
So I'm thinking do I interrupt this guys alone time. Ask him for a card? Tell him I'm an actress? I can only imagine how many actors he meets in this damn city wanting a way to get "IN" via HIM. A few minutes pass and I'm still thiking and then Im thinking ALL THIS thinking is wasting time. If this guy gets up right now and you miss the opportunity to speak to him, to even say" hello my name is..." then what the hell are you doing here?!?!

So I went for it and low and behold he was quite the friendly guy. We spent at least 40 minutes talking about the to get noticed...blah blah bah... He answered all my questions willingly and even gave advice I didn't even ask for! But I didn't want to grill him too hard so I did my best to be an intent listener and because he turned out to be an interesting person it wasn't difficult at all.

All in all , I learned today you can't pass up an opportunity to grow sitting around thinking about the results of what you might....could possibly...maybe next time...DO. A lot of people say that things are out of their hands but I don't believe that. I want complete control of my future. Scratch that. I HAVE complete control. Could I have chosen not go into that coffee shop and not ever met this guy? YES. But ultimatelyhe could be the beginning of a great relationship/networking associate. I think that some things are set up for you but if you don't understand that the framework is there then you'll never know how to move forward.

Therefore, I don't believe in "Hocus Pocus". Just FOCUS.

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