Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Business Trip

So last week I went to a Minority Business Conference in Washignton, D.C. I saw it in "Black Enterprise" which is btw a "wealth building" resource for African Americans founded in 1970 by Earl G. Graves. The resource provides great information for entrepenuers, professionals etc.. I picked up a copy a the bus depot on my way to New York one day and I definitely plan on getting a subscription later because it is so very useful.

Anywho, I got to D.C. last week on Tuesday August 24th (I chose this day out of the whole week that the conference is to be held because it was International Trad Day and before I start any business that involves importing or exporting, I'd like to have a lot more info first). First of all the morning was great because they overbooked the flight and I got bumped to business class (How Appropiate)! (My first flight alone- I WAS TERRIFIED). It was quite a way to the hotel but I found my way and was exhausted by the time I got there so I grabbed some espresso , changed and ate a bit.
When I walked into the hotel I was so pleased to see a crowd of beautiful, black professionals surrounding the lobby. I registered at about 11 am just in time for the next conference session. I soon realized that I was one of the youngest people in the room of about 150. But it's cool, I'm used to it. After an hour of listening and taking notes I got up, stretched my legs to prepare for the next session.

Now lets get something clear off the bat- I cannot sit still for a long period of time. I think this is why I am a performer. I have to constantly be actively moving a muscle-doing SOMETHING. And I know now that to learn something valuable there is a very particular way that I need to learn it or it won't stick because afer ten minutes, I am no longer paying attention lol...

So you can see where I'm going with this....after the second session I left for lunch with the intention of returning for the afternoon...didn't happen SO Hmmm....I think that maybe next time I should look for a conference for young profesionals and college students. Yea I think that would be more apropriate. Also I think maybe I go so hard sometimes like I'm the biggest boss and can conquer anything when really I need to just say no I'm not ready for this yet and as mature as may be I am jus starting on this new business adventure. Going to a conference in D.C. surrounded by a load of much older ladies and gentlemen who have been for years attending these junctures and hold masters, ph.D's...shoot man I don't even have my BFA yet...lol
Sometimes I forget to say just cool it dobs...one day..at . .time.

The trip wasn't a complete waste though. I did get some great information from the few notes that I did take and I got to do some sightseeing and get to know D.C. a bit more. I visited the Smithsonian, National Mueum of Women in Art, and the National Portrait Gallery.

And! I got to have dinner with fabulous Njambi Wagacha- always a pleasure :).

Would definitely visit D.C. again...maybe for a conferece that I am better prepared for or as a tourist but I wouldn't stay too long. D.C. has its perks but its not for me. NY is the PLACE TO BE. Oh and I moved here two days ago. Brooklyn all day baby! Check me out soon for updates on how my new NY life is treating me.

Ciao for now!
dobs xo

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