Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pineapple Diaries interviews with 'The Situationship' & 'Sweety's Radio'

Hi everyone!!

I've got updates about 'The Pineapple Diaries' for you!

The director/creator of 'TPD' Paloma Valenzuela and I both had radio interviews to promote the show recently. In May I interviewed with Jess Blaise of the radio show 'The Situationship' and just last week the podcast was released. Check it out below:
Strength and Style, Artist Feature: Adobuere Ebiama

Paloma interviewed with Sweety's radio show earlier this month. I joined her along with Diana Sanchez, who plays Yamilette in the web series. You can listen to the podcast by clicking the link below this photo:

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