Monday, May 5, 2014

Is it REALLY Spring?

If you are anything like me then you can understand my general frustration with Boston weather. If you've ever traveled into Boston during "Springtime", then you were probably confused by some of the gear you saw us Bostonians wearing. Sweaters with shorts and sandals, spring dresses with rain boots, large jackets over tank tops with skirts. We are lost. We may not have the best fashion sense but that's not the reason why we look a hot mess. It's because we are afraid that mother nature will continue to tease us with an abundance of sunshine and warmth one minute, and then quickly turn her back on us-showering us with rainstorms and frigid nights. We're paranoid, man. Just paranoid.

In direct defiance of mother nature's inability to make a decision, I decided to have a photo shoot at The Arboretum (which has eerily barren trees this time of year and barely a full bush of flowers in sight).  It was overcast with a chance of rain but at this point who even cares. This pretty dress was waiting to show herself. Really I had no choice.

Here's just one pic from the shoot. Many more to come!

Happy Spring? Or whatever...

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