Monday, January 17, 2011

Sting of Rejection

Going on auditions can sometimes feel like getting all dressed up to go on dates with different people every week. You put yourself out there for the person to see, you tell all your best jokes, smile & nod when you have to, and thank the person for a great evening. A large majority of the time they never call you and when they do you put in that same effort only for them to realize that you weren't as cool as they thought you were.

My very first sting of rejection came from my audition for the 'Julliard School'. I was a senior in high school about 17yrs, young, and naive but determined so I decided to audition for the prestigious performing arts school. I had no idea what I was in store for and no one had warned me. Julliard's audition process was intense. First I had to send a videotape & application, then hop on the train to NY from Boston (which cost money and time) to do a second audition, THEN wait an hour or two after the audition to see if your name is up on the list in the hallway for a callback to audition a THIRD time. So basically if your name is not on this list, you came all this way for-NOTHING. Guess what? My name was not on that list. Talk about depressing! After that instance I swore to my young self that I would come better prepared for that deep sting of rejection.

But how can you REALLY prepare yourself for rejection time and time again. Some people start to think that its the way they look. And most times that's exactly it. You just don't have the right face, you're the wrong height, you're too old or maybe even too young. there are a lot of factors that can make you feel really insecure.

I've found that it can really kill your spirit but after the last few years I've also learned that PATIENCE is key if you want to get ANYTHING done. There are a lot of reality tv shows these days about being able to showcase your talent in a short span of time, getting judged, get a couple thousand dollars and maybe a record deal.

There are a good deal of folks walking around thinking that it's always going to be that easy.

PERSISTENCE is also key if you really want it. Sticking with it may be easier said than done on the days when you don't book your dream role. But if you have enough PASSION for what you do then it won't always feel so bad.

I've also found that doing something to keep your mind off all the audition craziness is very useful. That is why I'm working on producing theatre and starring in it myself rather than waiting for someone to cast me. In the meantime I can focus my creative energy and do what I love.

Hope this helps you actors/artists out there.
Con mucho amor,

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